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Learning and Teaching Expo 2023

13 Dec 2023

Find AiHPC at Learning & Teaching Expo 2023

Learning & Teaching Expo is Asia’s Leading Education Expo and Hong Kong’s annual signature event for educators. The Expo is supported by the education community from Hong Kong, China and increasingly across the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2023 the Expo enters its thirteenth year. It will continue to provide an annual platform for education buyers, governments, school leaders, teachers and educators in Asia to discover and source the latest developments in educational resources and learning technology.

Come find AiHPC and Ripen at our booths as we demonstrate how AI Services can revolutionize interactive learning and education!

Register for Free Attendance at the Learning and Teaching Expo 2023 website and catch us on the following dates:

13 Dec 2023 (Wed) : 10am – 6pm 14 Dec 2023 (Thu) : 10am – 6pm 15 Dec 2023 (Fri) : 10am – 5pm

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