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We are the enablers of future innovation, leveraging AI and HPC.

We believe innovation is no longer limited to skilled technology holders but can emerge anywhere. Innovation management is shifting from centralised to decentralised, emphasising flexibility, accessibility, and scalability in next-generation technology design. High-Performance Computing (HPC)'s role is transitioning from a supporter to an enabler of innovation. It is crucial in cutting-edge technology development, such as AI, virtual reality, and IoT applications.


We empower professionals by providing domain owners with suitable, cutting-edge HPC solutions that support innovation, optimise operations, and accelerate productivity.

Our team comprises industry experts with extensive experience in clinical and scientific research, high-performance computing, and diverse backgrounds in public and commercial markets across Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. This diverse expertise allows us to comprehensively understand our client’s unique requirements and deliver exceptional and practical solutions.


Approaching a new era with AiHPC

AiHPC Portal

Our AiHPC portal is a user-friendly platform that simplifies HPC resource management, enabling technology laymen to utilise their HPC infrastructure, resources, and accounting in a single platform.

Decentralized architecture: Enable the hybrid solution horizontally or vertically.

Services demand resource allocation: The management framework could automatically allocate resources by demand.

GUI-enabled control: Ship users valuable know-how to production more quickly, regardless of where the infrastructure is located.

HPC as a service: Get a zero friction managed service backed by industry-leading SLAs to fast-track HPC journey.

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iHPC & AI Consultation Services

We offer a range of consultation services specialising in areas such as HPC infrastructure design, implementation, and optimisation, as well as machine learning and data science operations.


We concurrently offer expert AI consultancy services and smooth cooperation with your team,  in designing effective AI operations from dataset preparation, algorithm design and optimizing workflow for ML model training.

We will understand the client’s computing requirements and challenges and comprehensively assess the client’s existing HPC infrastructure, applications, and workflows to identify any gaps or inefficiencies.

Based on our assessment, we can develop a proposal including iHPC modules that outlines our recommendations for optimising the client's computing resources and improving the performance of their workloads.


Our professional and knowledgeable team at AiHPC is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to AI services. We provide comprehensive solutions catered to our clients' specific needs. Partner with us and experience the expertise of our team.


AiHPC Projects

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